Surface Mount PLCC LED (Reflector)/Top View PLCC2/3014


EVERLIGHT provides multiple lines of SMD LEDs for all kinds of applications, including consumer products and home appliances.
Compact size and light weight enable smaller board size, higher package density as well as good reliability. As such, users can create wonderful textures and design splendid features according to their preferences.
EVERLIGHT’s SMD LEDs are especially suitable for multi-color gaming devices, RGB backlight gaming keyboard and RGB optical mouse and gaming earphone.


• P-LCC-2 package.
• Colored Slightly green dotted resin.
• Inner reflector and white package.
• Soldering methods: IR reflow soldering.
• Pb-free.
• The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.
• Compliance with EU REACH.
• Compliance Halogen Free .(Br<900ppm,CI<900ppm,Br+CI<1500ppm).
• Precondition: Bases on JEDEC J-STD 020D Level 3.

Other Applications

• Switches, symbol, mobile phone and illuminated advertising.
• Display for indoor and outdoor application.
• Ideal for coupling into light guides.
• Substitution of traditional light.
• General applications.
• Optical indicator.

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