Item 3, Article 20 of the Company’s “Principles of Corporate Governance Practices”:

The composition of the board of directors shall be determined by taking diversity into consideration the Company’s business operations, types of operations, and development needs. It is advisable that the policy include, without being limited to, the following two general standards:

The diversified composition of the board of directors of the Company:

The Company has a total of nine directors, including six general directors and three independent directors. The proportion of independent directors in the board of directors is about 33%. None of the three independent directors have served more than three terms. Among them, the term of office of one independent director is less than three years, and the term of office of two independent directors is between four to six years. All three independent directors meet the requirements of independence.

TitleNameEducational and Professional BackgroundConcurrent Positions
ChairmanMr. Robert YehEverlight Electronics Chairman and GMChairman and GM of Tekcore Co., Ltd.,
Board member of Epistar Corporation,
Chairman and GM of Everlight Electronics
Director of BoardMr. Bo-Wen ZhouEverlight Electronics Vice GMEvervision Electronics board member,
United View Investments board member,
Yee Hang Investment board member
Director of BoardMr. Bang-Yan LiuEverlight Electronics GM of the Production GroupEverlight Solid-State Lighting board
member, Jienarui Lighting board member,
Perfect East Investments board member
Director of BoardShinh Wum International Investment LTD
Mr. Ting-wei Yeh
Everlight Electronics sales department directorEverlight Electronics sales department director
Independent DirectorMr. Chen-en KoPh.D., University of Minnesota (Accounting)
The President of Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research
Emeritus Professor of National Taiwan University
Independent DirectorMr. Johnsee LeeThe Honorary Chairman of Taiwan Bio Industry Organization
The President of ITRI
Managing Director of the Development Center for Biotechnology
Independent DirectorMr.Rong -chun LinPh. D., National Chengchi UniversityIndependent Director of CMP group
Independent DirectorMr.Liang-Gee ChenPh.D. of National Cheng Kung UniversityNuvoton Technology Corporation Director
Vanguard International Semiconductor
Corporation Independent Director
Ganzin Technology Director
Himax Technologies, Inc. Director

There are two directors who are also the Company’s employees, accounting for about 22%, and the other 78% are outside directors. Four members of the board of directors have professional academic experience, accounting for about 44% of the board; two of them have backgrounds in materials application and engineering, and the other two have backgrounds in accounting, finance, and business administration. The other five members of the board of directors have rich practical experience in the industry, crisis management, risk management, and company operation, accounting for about 56% of the board. Collaboration between industry and university will achieve great synergy and fully implement the goal of board diversity.

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