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To fulfill corporate social responsibility, promote economic, social and environmental growth and achieve the goal of sustainable development, Everlight stipulated “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd” by taking the “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies” and other regulations as reference. The aforementioned Principles were published upon the approval of the Board of Directors. Everlight hopes to fulfill CSR while engaging in corporate operations in order to be in compliance with the international development trend. In addition, it also hopes to increase contribution to national economics, improve the life quality of employees, community and the society by being a responsible a corporate citizen as well as to improve the CSR-based advantage.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

In order to actually carry out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Company established the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee in 2019, and have senior executives lead the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee to develop sustainable goals, CSR development strategies, guidelines and implementation plans to carry out Everlight’s corporate social responsibility.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee’s members are high-level executives appointed by the Board of Directors. The members of the Committee are top executives of relevant units appointed by the Chairman. This includes legal affairs, business, research and development, manufacturing, procurement, human resources and general affairs, financial and accounting center, information and auditing units. According to the organic regulation of the Everlight’s Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, the Chairman of the board is appointed by the Board of Directors to act as Chairman of the Committee. He/she is responsible for promoting committee affairs, expressing the company’s policies and positions to external bodies, setting goals and directions for the company internally, integrating resources, reviewing action plans, monitoring and promoting performance. The Legal Division Supervisor acts as the Executive Secretary appointed by the Chairman. The Legal Division is in charge of planning and promoting corporate social responsibility activities, issuing relevant information internally and externally, producing annual reports, and reporting to the Board of Directors.

An execution team was established under the Committee to carry out various corporate social responsibility action plans related to the employee care, corporate governance, environmental safety and health, and supply chain management, and respond to issues regarding the corporate social responsibility brought up by stakeholders to Everlight. Taiwan and each factory plant have set up management representatives who are responsible for labor, ethics, environmental safety and health, and supply chain to supervise the implementation of various corporate social responsibility plans. They are also committed to conforming to the five categories (labor, ethics, environment, safety and health, and management systems) regulated by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Structure

CSR Policy

The fulfillment of corporate social responsibility has always been the purpose of the Everlight’s operations. In addition to pursuing the best interests for shareholders, it also takes into account the interests of relevant stakeholders, abides by socially accepted ethical standards, promotes energy conservation and carbon reduction to mitigate climate change, and hopes to combine all Stakeholders work together to build a fair and justice society, and a living environment that lasts forever. Therefore, Everlight’s corporate social responsibility promotion direction includes three areas: business governance, social participation and environmental protection. The Company also promises to strengthen its operating structure, fulfill its social civic responsibility, and commit to environmental conservation practices.

Strengthen the Company's Operating Structure

Steady growth and sustainable development are the most basic requirements for enterprises in cial welfare and enviror fulfilling responsibil bilities, and are also the basis for pron omoting sod onmental protection. Therefore, in addition to purs suing legal nom ms, Everlight will continue ue to establish an effective internal control system, maintain information security, implement risk management. disclose information transparenty, fulfill corporate self-regulation and have a robust operating structure. Everlight will also allow employees to steadily develop their careers, provide shareholders Is with stable revenu ues, and offer customers with satisfactory product quality.

Fulfill Social Civic Responsibility

Cultivating talent has been Everlight's corporate mission since its establishment, and has also been its primany way of giving back to society. Different methods are used for long-term investments in cultivating talent to help enhance profession. ional knowedge. Through the Company's rich amount of practical experience, Everlight can establish long-term industry stry-university collaborations with educational institutions. Meanhile, Evertight can also maintain good relations with the community and do its best to provide care and promote social welfare.

Commit to Environmental Conservation Practices

In addition to Everlight's long-term comm mitment towards various environmental protection products and senvices, the Compa npany is also com mmitted towards technological upgrades to deal with global warming and other major environmental changes to provide customers with energy- saving and emission-reduction products and services. Everlight will also make use of its own capabilities to work with other subcontractors to maintain a sustain. inable ecological environment.

Four major principles of fulfilling CSR

"Corporate Social Responsibility" Section of Everlight's Official Website

"Corporate Social Responsibility' section of Everlight's official website Learn how the Company identifies key stakeh holder members and major issues. We believe that appropriate communication channels enable us to understand stakeholders' expectations and needs and properly respond to the important issues they care about.

Everlight CSR Policies

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