Surface Mount PLCC LED (Reflector)/Top View PLCC6/HNB1515W


The HNB1515W SMD LED package provides a perfect solution when users need a clear view of signage Display with any size board with 3 in 1 full color SMD LEDs which offer smaller pixel pitch between two LEDs to create a high resolution and better contrast with its black body design.


• Unique packaging technology provides better moisture resistance for outdoor use.
• Various options for color mixture including white.
 Good color fidelity and brightness uniformity across the viewing angle
• Black body provides better contrast for the display
• The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant version.
• Compliance with EU REACH.
• Compliance Halogen Free .(Br <900 ppm ,CI <900 ppm , Br+Cl < 1500 ppm).

Other Applications

• Outdoor signage display
• Outdoor decorating and entertainment design
• Gaming equipment.
• Indicator and backlighting for all consumer electronics.

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