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Introducing the Everlight Si Power Devices, renowned for their mature manufacturing  technology, exceptional controllability, high voltage tolerance, and outstanding reliability. The Everlight Si Power Device series encompasses a wide range of products, all packaged in the reliable and industry-standard TO-Series format.

Upgrade your systems with Everlight Si Power Devices, the trusted choice for exceptional performance and reliability. Contact us now to explore how these cutting-edge devices can enhance your projects, optimize your operations, and unlock new possibilities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your power solutions to new heights!


1. Widely applied semiconductor power components
2. Voltage range: 600V to 900V

Other Applications

1. Mobile phone charger
2. Transformer for small household appliances
3. Application areas include automotive electronics, industrial control, consumer electronics, solar power, wind power generation, data centers, lighting, transportation, and other industries

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